Here’s some useful links and online psychology of humor resources :


  • Humor Code – a project in which a scholar (Peter McGraw) and a journalist (Joel Warner) embark on a journey to  econstruct humor and document their efforts in a book. Follow their project on their blog and Facebook page.





  • Trust Me, I’m a “Psychologist” – an excellent “Trust Me, I’m a…” brand site. Poking fun at and laughing with the psychologists. The kind of “psychology humor” all that had to pass their methodology and statistics exams would highly appreciate in the moments of deepest despair.


CCSR, Brunel University, Uxbridge, London, UK

  • Centre for Comedy Studies Research (CCSR)  – a interdisciplinary center dedicated to researching comedy and humor at the Brunel University London; the center is led by  Dr Sharon Lockyer and has excellent connections within the comedy industry in UK, with Jo Brand and Lee Mack being the center’s ambassadors.



  • PsyBlog – not necessarily humor related, but nonetheless an interesting popular-science psychology blog.



  • I love funny art” Facebook page. My personal fav when it comes to sophisticated and sublime humor (so rare on the Internet these days…




Make Me Laugh project logo

  • Make Me Laugh is a three-year research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and run by the School of Film, Television and Media Studies at the University of East Anglia, UK, exploring creativity in the British television comedy industry. At a time when the creative industries make valuable social, economic and cultural contributions to society, this project gives those who work in the industry the opportunity to talk about their work, careers, the projects that excite them, and the things that make their working lives difficult. This research project is working with writers, producers, directors, commisioners, and other personnel in the British television comedy industry to explore their working practices, and the factors that both encourage and limit their creativity.


  • American Humor Studies Association – Founded in 1975, the American Humor Studies Association promotes scholarship on all aspects and periods of American humor through conferences, publications, awards, and the general support of a community of dedicated scholars of American humor.