Conferences, open courses, summer schools and other humor psychology events about to happen:


Resilience: Harnessing the Power of Humor. Annual Conference of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor – San Diego, California USA, 12th to 15th of April, 2018.

Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor invites humor and laughter professionals from around the world to learn the latest applications and benefits of therapeutic humor presented by field experts. CEU and CME credits will be available for the conference session as well as the one-day Humor Academy sessions. Follow the link above to get extensive info on the conference!


2018 International Society for Humor Studies Conference – Tallinn, Estonia, 25th to 29th of June, 2018.

Humour researchers and practitioners are invited to Tallinn, Estonia, to discuss humour from its basic definitions to innovative research and everything in between. Bringing together a variety of scholars, students and creative practitioners, ISHS Tallinn 2018 focuses on the broad theme of “Humour: positively ? transforming” – on the creative aspect and contextual nature of humour.


18th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter – University of Wolverhampton, Telford, UK, July 2nd to 7th July 2018.

Interest in both research on humour and practical applications of humour has increased sharply in recent decades. The aims and objectives for the International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter are to ensure that both students just beginning their research careers and those already-trained researchers considering a first project on humour will enter the field with a strong foundation in existing theoretical and methodological issues, and will be well versed in the pitfalls confronting the scientific study of humour.