VIDEO: my lecture on humor in organizational context

I bet that most of you do not think of Finland as the European vanguard when it comes to humor, but you would be surprised what goes on in Oulu, 170 km (approx. 100 miles) from the Arctic Circle:

The Oulu University of Applied Sciences together with the Oulu Business School are leading a whole R&D project dedicated to humor. The HURMOS project, as it is called, is exploring “humor as a strategic tool for creating innovative business”. In the project, a team of researchers and PhD students from the two universities works closely with the local companies gathering data and aims at increasing their competence in the strategic use of humor.

I was invited to give a lecture on humor research, theory and consultative practice relevant for the organizational context, during an event organized by the project on the 19th of February, titled: “For real — humor in business?!”

I had a great time visiting Oulu and below is a video of my lecture that I wanted to share with you:



Thanks to Taina Vuorela for inviting me and the whole HURMOS-team for coordinating the event and providing me with a wonderful experience in Oulu!:)

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