The Humor Profiler project: Help in research and get a chance to win a book!

Do you feel like answering a couple of questions about your humor preferences? Would you like to help developing an instrument that will help teams use humor more and better? Do you want to get a chance to win one of 10 copies of “Humor Code” by Peter McGraw and Joel Werner? If you answered “yes”, “maybe” or “African swallow” to any of these questions – read on or jump straight to the questions:



Work is not always fun, but the common knowledge and scientific research alike tell us that good humor is crucial for good collaboration. At the same time, humor is not an easy animal to tame and it often becomes the “elephant in the room” in many organizations, groups and teams. Together with intercultures – an international consultation company – I’m working on a project with ambitious goals: to create a tool for mapping individual preferences for humor use and appreciation relevant for collaboration – the Humor Profiler. The tool will be used in research and consultative work with teams and organizations. At the present stage, we’re gathering data for preliminary analysis with the initial pool of questions, in order to select best ones for further data collection and instrument refinement. It is that we need your help for…


win humor codeImportant information

The survey is 85-questions long and it takes about 15 minutes to complete. We’d appreciate if you left some personal information at the end (age, occupation, etc.), but it’s optional. If you want to participate in the lottery of the book and receive information about the Humor Profiler project in the future, be sure to provide your correct e-mail address! NOTE: You will not receive feedback immediately – only after we have gathered enough data to perform a preliminary statistical analysis, will we be able to present you your results (late summer/fall this year).


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We couldn’t wish for anything better than for you to share this survey with others. You are more welcome to tweet about it and share this post on your Facebook and other social media. Also, we will grant you one copy of the questionnaire, once it’s ready, for each person you bring in. Be sure to ask them to write your name, e-mail or anything that would help us to identify you at the end of the survey (in the open question “Where did you learn about this survey”).

Thank you!



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  1. Sue Shnomiya

    I LOVE this idea. Can I be on your research team? I always have been a proponent of humor as a learning tool, and as an excellent way to cope with cultural adjustment and gaps across difference – but it often backfires, right?
    I hope I win the book!
    Sue Shinomiya
    Business Passport
    SIETAR-USA Board of Directors, Conference Oversight