Call for papers on humor in organizational & work setting!

23rd NFF conference banner

If you’re working on a research or theoretical paper on humor in organizational setting (related to organizational culture, leader/follower relationship, innovation, creativity, branding, marketing, etc.) and haven’t yet thought were to present it, here’s your chance: the 23rd Nordic Academy of Management Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, will feature an entire track dedicated to humor!

It is Track 3 and it is titled: Humor, joy, and fun in and around organizations and the organizers “encourage researchers to investigate the potential, different aspects, and even risks related to using and utilizing humour, both in and around organizations and organizational relationships.”

Furthermore it reads: “We are looking for new research openings around humour, joy, and fun related topics in business and management studies. We encourage studies that discuss the potential of humour in creating and developing business opportunities, including humour, joy, and fun embedded in business models. We invite and welcome both empirical and conceptual papers.”

So, if you were looking for a place to present, perhaps Copenhagen in summertime should sound interesting? And… if you were looking for some motivating deadlines, the 1st of April is the last day to submit the abstracts.

Categories: Industrial/Organizational and Workshop/lecture.