Welcome to the Psychology of Humor blog!

Hi, and welcome to my blog about the psychology of humor!

This blog’s content is relevant for all the people that had ever asked themselves at least one of the following questions: Why do we laugh? Why do we try to make others laugh so hard? Why is the shared sense of humor so important when I meet somebody? WHAT IS HUMOR?

Now, this blog will probably not answer all of these questions to a sufficient level of satisfaction: even to define humor on the grounds of psychology is a hazardous endeavor (as you will soon see). It will, however, provide you with an accessible and growing overview of what has been and is being written about humor within the field of psychology; it will also make an attempt to relate all this theoretical knowledge to examples.


My name is Piotr Pluta, I’m a psychologist and I consider myself a “humor scholar”. I found it very compelling that so many people are so keen to learn more about humor psychology (and not the psychology humor, however funny it may be) . Many are surprised that something like “the psychology of humor” (a multi-faceted, multi-paradigmatic study of humor in psychology (Martin, 2007) even exists.

And this is what motivated me to start this blog, present the theories of humor in an accessible way, recount some of the humor research history, and keep you updated with upcoming events and the newest developments in the field.

One of the first posts you can read on my blog is – quite predictably – an attempt to define humor. Yes, I know – one just can’ define humor! (something I’ve heard many times during workshops and presentations I give). True enough, but this blog needs a starting point, a common ground for the readers, something to cling to, at least.

Enjoy, write and connect: piotr@psychologyofhumor.com / @HumorPsy / 

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