A short essay on why rating funniness can kill the fun

Terry Jones, a member of the Monty Python, recounts an episode related to the test screening of the group’s first feature film, none other than Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The test-audience had been warned that the creators wanted to check if the movie was funny before they ship it off to the movie theaters. Result? They laughed for only about five minutes and concluded that the film was “all right”.   “All right”? Just “all right”? This?! Are you deaf and blind?!   Although worried by this cold reception, the crew sent the feature to a movie festival in L.A., where the viewers were self-selected and had to pay to get the tickets and… laughed a great deal throughout the movie. *** In my first piece of...

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Call for papers on humor in organizational & work setting!

If you’re working on a research or theoretical paper on humor in organizational setting (related to organizational culture, leader/follower relationship, innovation, creativity, branding, marketing, etc.) and haven’t yet thought were to present it, here’s your chance: the 23rd Nordic Academy of Management Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, will feature an entire track dedicated to humor! It is Track 3 and it is titled: Humor, joy, and fun in and around organizations and the organizers “encourage researchers to investigate the potential, different aspects, and even risks related to using and utilizing humour, both in and around organizations and organizational relationships.” Furthermore it reads: “We are...

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Organizational and management research publications on humor

This quick post is perhaps not as interesting nor exciting as most of the posts on this blog are (at least I hope they are). It is, to put it bluntly, a list over publications related to studies of humor in the organizational and management context: it function for the work environment, team dynamics, performance, motivation, in leading people, etc., etc. A bibliography.   This bibliography is a result of putting together resources used by a group of humor scholars particularly interested in the topic of organizational/management studies. This group, which I’m a proud member of, was formed for the occasion of the International Society of Humor Studies conference held in Utrecht earlier this year. Others are: Henri M. de Jongste (...

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Conferences, open courses, summer schools and other humor psychology events about to happen:

AATH Annual Conference – Stayin’ Alive: Keeping Your Brain Healthy & Active With Humor! – 28th to 31st May, 2015, Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA, USA